2019 Small Fish for children’s health, As of 2014 the Cambodia Demographic Health Survey indicated approximately 32% of children under 5 years old are stunted (an improvement of 8% since 2010) 24% are under weight (improvement of 4% since 2010) and 10% are acutely malnourished (essentially unchanged since 2010). And one of many reasons is caused by lacking of nutrition.

The most of villagers in Siem Reap provincial community got limited knowledge of small fish nutritional value for their health, which leads to the less consumption of small fish. Traditionally, the community villagers throw them away or provide the animals.  Hem Thida, 45, is a farmer in Sranal village, Sranal commune, Kralanh district, Siem Reap province. She is one of the direct beneficiaries of the Project (RFF-II) funded by USAID. She said, “Before the project has been implemented in my community, I not aware of important small fish such as Trey Chanwar, Trey Krem and Trey Kampleanh for children under five-year-old age and pregnant women, and the other hand small children don’t like eating small fishes because of its bone. When I caught the small fish from rice field, I fed my pigs and chicken in fresh and remained part processed as salted fish for them in the near future. I rarely fed my grandchild.The project provided the public awareness raising at the commune level to promote the importance of small fish, training course on Rice Field Fishery and demonstration workshop on the important of small fish for children under five years old and pregnant women. For over six years, since the project started, the community villagers consume small fish and process them for storing to feed in the dry season. Ms. Thida said “Presently, I am aware of the advantages of small fish for children and pregnant women, so when I catch the small fish from rice paddy or buy from local market, I feed my grandson either fresh or processed. My grandson is getting.


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