• High Commitment
    – An intrinsic desire to help the Cambodian People is shared by all members of our staff.
    – We value the successful completion of each project as highly as we value its beginning.
  • Honesty
    – We believe that the development process can only occur in an environment of high moral ethic.
    – We strive to make every organization action as transparent as possible.
    – Each relationship we build places trust at its center.
  •  Responsibility
    – As a Cambodian organization, we believe very strongly in our responsibility to better the lives of our countrymen.
    – We are beholden to our agreements with donor organizations and partners and strive to complete all projects to their satisfaction.
  • Respectfulness
    – It is a core ethic of TCO not to discriminate based on race, gender, sexuality, age, nationality, religion, political views, or         socioeconomics.
    – We value the treatment of all individuals as equals inside and outside of our organization.
    – We do not partner with or accept funds from known hate groups, terrorist organizations, or other related parties.
    – TCO is a secular, apolitical organization comprised of members of many different nationalities, races, and creeds.

Donors & Partner

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